Initial Visit Documents

Regardless of the service scheduled, please print, complete, and bring these documents to your first appointment.


If your treatment involves microdermabrasion or manual exfoliation by dermafiles, please download, print, complete and 
bring these documents to your first appointment involving either of these services.

Chemical Treatment    

(Image Clinical Couture , Image Oxygen Lift, PCA Professional  Peel, or Chemical  Exfoliation  Add-On)

If your treatment involves a chemical treatment, please download, print, complete, and bring these documents to your first    appointment involving this treatment.

Please read this document which contains information to prepare your skin for a chemical treatment.

Please read this document which contains information for the care of your skin after a chemical treatment including directions for using the Skinology Post-Peel Skin Care Kit ($20). 

Hair Removal

If your treatment involves hair removal, please download, print, complete, and bring these documents to your first 
appointment involving this  service.

Lash Lift & Tint 
Lash Lift & Semi-Permanent Mascara

If your treatment involves a Lash Lift & Tint, please download, print, complete, and bring these documents to your first 
appointment involving this  service.

Body Wraps

If your treatment involves  a  body  wrap,  please  download,  print,  complete,  and  bring  these  documents  to  your  first  appointment  involving  this  service.

Microcurrent/LED Therapy

If your treatment involves Microcurrent/LED light therapy, please download, print, complete, and bring these documents to your first appointment involving this service.

Acne Consultation

If your appointment is for an acne consultation with or without treatment, please download, print, complete, and bring these  documents to your consultation appointment.