The Membership

It's well-settled that regular skin treatments are necessary to obtain and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Think of how regular exercise is necessary for a healthy body.  It is also common sense that using  quality products in your daily skin care routine is a necessary element for skin health just as a balanced diet is required for a healthy body.  You know all of this already, but the problem is in the execution. 

How can this be made easier?  After extensive study of various national chains' membership options, I knew how to give more service for more value. 

So....... beginning in January 2017, Skinology wil offer The Membership.

Each month you receive:

  • One Signature Facial (alone a $65 value)
  • 20% off additional services
  • 20% off all products purchased in the salon (online prices cannot be adjusted)
  • 20% off Happy Hour reservation fee

If you don't use your facial one month, you can either roll it over to the next month or gift it to someone else at no charge.  Should you gift it, your guest will receive 10% off all additional services and products purchased the day of her service.

Many local and national salons offer programs from $65-$75 per month with additional fees and less-personalized service. At Skinology, you'll pay only $50 per month. You also know any person to whom you may gift your monthly facial will receive the same attention you receive when she visits. There is no other offer from any other salon that even comes close to The Membership.

Simply advise of your interest to join The Membership at any appointment!

THE FINE PRINT:  The Membership requires a 12-month commitment with authorization for scheduled credit/debit card payments. Early contract termination permitted after 6 months with fee of 1/2 remaining balance due at cancellation.