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Skinology Acne Clinic

Skinology's Acne Clinic provides evaluations, treatments, protocols, and home-care product regimens as established by the renown Face Reality Acne Clinic. These treatments, protocols, and home-care products have produced clear skin in over 90% of its patients and others across the country through its specially-trained and qualified Acne Specialists. This treatment program is not an instant fix, and you shouldn't believe anyone who tries to sell instant acne magic. This skin condition did not develop overnight, and it won't disappear overnight either. However, it is a series of evaluations, in-clinic treatments, and at-home care regimens that can change not only your face but your entire outlook over an average of 3-4 months with full program compliance.

During the initial consultation, you will receive:

  • A tremendous amount of information about the skin disorder and what may impact your ability to obtain clear skin;
  • An evaluation of your skin and determination what type of in-clinic treatments as well as at-home care will help you achieve clear skin;
  • A specialized plan to reach your goal of clear skin as well as an acne coach to support and guide you every step of the way.

To achieve clear skin requires your full commitment. You are expected:

  • To use only specifically-formulated acne products as directed and certain, high-quality dietary supplements if recommended;
  • To attend regular clinic visits for treatments, to review progress and adjust your home care regimen as needed; and
  • Follow all instructions provided by your certified acne specialist.

This is a program for only those individuals who truly want to gain control over this skin disorder. Acne does not require long-term antibiotics or other harsh prescription medications. However, it does require focused effort and a little time. If you can commit to that, clear skin could very well be in your future.

Skinology's Virtual Acne Clinic exists to provide you with the upmost convenience by providing evaluations, home regimen reviews and changes, as well as opportunities for question/answer time. While the time to clear skin may be a little longer without the regular removal of impacted follicles, you will still see improvements in the skin's condition. These appointments can be set up with FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or other videoconferencing software or app.

If you are interested in learning more about acne including causes, lifestyle tips, and so much more, schedule either an in-person consultation with treatment or a virtual consultation. An Initial Consultation appointment (whether in-person or virtual) is necessary prior to purchasing Face Reality products with active (i.e., effective) ingredients.