How to get to Skinology

2231 Devine Street Suite 304   Columbia, SC   29205

Skinology is located at 2231 Devine Street. Above is a photo of the building exterior. It is located at the corner of Devine and Heidt Streets. The main entrance is located on the Devine Street side near the intersection street and stop signs. On the third floor in suite 304, you will find Skinology. There is an elevator inside the main entrance if needed.                                     [GOOGLE MAPS BELOW]

There is ample parking available in the parking lot that wraps around the back and side of the building as well as street parking both on Heidt and Devine Streets.

Get in Touch at Any Time

Do not hesitate to contact with any queries.

2231 Devine Street 

Elliott Building

Suite 304
Columbia, SC 29205

Salon Phone: (803) 764-1170

Cell: (803) 479-1582